US Yacht Clubs

There are dozens of yacht clubs all over the world but there are some that are larger and a little more famous the the the others. Here is a list of th top ten yacht clubs in the USA as chosen by some of the keenest sailors in the land:

The California Yacht Club  

The California Yacht Club is located in the beautiful Marina Del Ray where it relocated to in the 1960s after having been founded in Wilmington Harbor in 1922. In addition to being able to rent slips in the club waters and participate in club regattas and races members can take advantage of all the facilities the clubhouse has to offer. These include a full service spa, tennis courts and several fine dining establishments. There is a comprehensive training program for young sailors and the clubs’ members have won a great many  championships in all divisions of boating over the years. Membership is by invitation only, with new members being invited by the Admissions committee based on applications received.

California Yacht Club
4469 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: 310.823.4567
Fax: 310.822.3658


New York Yacht Club

One of the oldest and most illustrious yacht clubs in the world the New York Yacht Club has been in existence in one form or another since 1844. Some of the most notable members of New York society have been members of the club and it has an amazing team racing record.

There are two clubhouses that make up the NYYC – one located in midtown Manhattan and the other hidden away in Rhode Island. The club hosts a race week every year in the waters between the two clubhouses and both are equipped with a great set of extra amenities for members to enjoy including some of the finest (but most exclusive) dining that New York City has to offer at its Manhattan location. Membership is by invitation only with nominations being made by existing club members.

New York Yacht Club
37 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036 USA
+1(212) 382-1000
Fax: +1(212) 391-6368

New York Yacht Club Harbour Court
5 Halidon Ave.
Newport, RI 02840 USA
+1(401) 846-1000
Fax: +1(401) 846-0732


Chicago Yacht Club

The Chicago Yacht Club was founded in 1875 by six local businessmen who wanted to promote sailing in the area. The club has two different locations in the Chicago area – the Monroe and Belmont Stations. Both offer an extensive number of rental slips as well as full recreational amenities for all members  including a lively pre game breakfast before every Chicago Bears game, a longstanding club tradition. There are a number of sailing clinics for young sailors held throughout the year including the the not for profit CYC Foundation which offers sailing opportunities and lessons to less privileged children from the area.

Membership is by application to the Membership Director.

Chicago Yacht Club Monroe Station

400 E. Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois 60603
ph: 312.861.7777
fax: 312.861.1840

Chicago Yacht Club Belmont Station

300 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657
ph: 773.477.7575
fax: 773.477.2117


Seattle Yacht Club 

Another old and prestigious yacht club The Seattle Yacht Club was founded in 1879. after a number of location changes over the years the main clubhouse is currently located in Portage Bay although there are ten other ‘outposts” of the club located in Gig Harbor, Elliott Bay, Port Madison and Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, Henry Island and Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, and Ganges, Ovens Island, Garden Bay and Cortes in Canada.

The club focuses much of its efforts outside of sailing on marine preservation of the waters its members sail as well as on charitable works and foundations to provide sailing experiences for both the underprivileged and the disabled.

Membership in the club is by invitation only and its is current club members who issue and sponsor such applications.

Seattle Yacht Club

1807 East Hamlin Street
Seattle, WA 98112
Telephone:  206-325-1000
Facsimile:    206-324-8784

Berkley Yacht Club

The Berkley Yacht Club is located in the Berkley Harbor in San Francisco and is one of several prestigious yacht clubs in the area. The club was founded in 1939 and the clubhouse construction was an ongoing member funded project that took from 1940 to 1974 to complete. The talking point of the club’s many amenities is a harbor view bar that offers an amazing three bridge view of the San Francisco Bay.

Aside from a very active racing program for both junior and adult sailors the club hosts once monthly harbor dinner cruises and offers programs to disadvantaged young people who want to learn to sail.

Membership is very liberal and open to anyone by filling in an application at the club website.

Berkeley Yacht Club
1 Seawall Drive
Berkeley, CA 94710
Telephone: 510-843-9292


Bayview Yacht Club

The Bayview Yacht club was founded in 1915 and is housed in spectacular 5,000 square foot clubhouse that is located on the banks of the Detroit River. The club has over 1,000 members and holds a regatta at least once a month as well as the annual Detroit Cup. There is an active Youth Sailing Program.

The clubhouse itself boasts a fine dining restaurant and separate full bar as well as convention facilities. Membership is open and the membership application is available at the club website.

Bayview Yacht Club

100 Clairpointe
Detroit, MI 48215
Office:   (313) 822-1853
Bar :       (313) 822-9595
Fax:        (313) 822-8020
Club Boat Program:     (313) 822-1853
Junior Sailing:     (313) 822-5810


San Diego Yacht Club

The San Diego yacht Club was founded in 1886 and has been housed its current Point Loma location since the early 1920s. In addition to 576 boatslips available to members the clubhouse boasts a fine dining restaurant, excellent gym and tennis facilities, a private beach and a full size swimming pool.  The club’s internationally renowned Juniors Program has also produced some great racing champions over the years.

Membership is open but nominees must have the backing and sponsorship of two current members.

San Diego Yacht Club
1011 Anchorage Lane
San Diego, CA 92106
Phone: (619) 221-8400
Fax: (619) 224-3059


Annapolis Yacht Club

The Annapolis Yacht Club was first founded as a canoe club in 1886 and still supports a wide variety of boating activities for members and their children. The club is host to a number of national tournaments every year and its own Wednesday Night Races are a decades old tradition that several generations of members have enjoyed.

The clubhouse itself offers three decks of dining and entertainment facilities including the luxurious Commodores  Room that has spectacular views of the waters below and the US Naval Academy.

Membership is open but a candidate must be sponsored by two current members in good standing.

Annapolis Yacht Club
2 Compromise Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21401 USA
Phone: (410) 263-9279
Fax: (410) 269-8905


Austin Yacht Club

The Austin Yacht Club began as the Austin Sailing Club in 1951 but it did not gain  a permanent home until 1969.

The clubhouse is unique in that there are a number of fisherman’s cottages onsite that members can rent for vacation purposes in addition to excellent dining facilities open year round.

The club plays host to a number of ICSA College championship races And University of Texas events. The club also hosts regattas and races for all members on a regular basis.

In keeping with its original mission to promote sailing and boating activities for everyone membership is open and details of membership levels are available on the club’s website.

Austin Yacht Club
5906 Beacon Drive
Austin, TX 78734-1428
Phone: (512) 266-1336
Fax: (512) 266-9804


San Francisco Yacht Club

Founded in 1869, the San Francisco Yacht Club is the oldest sailing club on the Pacific Coast of North America and has a proud tradition of sailing and racing excellence. The original clubhouse was destroyed by fire in 1897 but was rebuilt by the membership and now features a full service restaurant and an elegant sundeck bar. There are also more than 185 berthing slips and a full sailing school for younger sailors.

Membership is open but applicants must have a current member as their sponsor.

San Francisco Yacht Club
98 Beach Road
Belvedere, CA 94920
Phone: 415-435-9133